Financial wellbeing workshops

How to be better with money workshop

  • Get and keep control of your money and get a plan for the future, whatever that may look like.
  • Tackling spending, budgets, debt, home buying, insurance, credit checks, savings and pensions we aim to ensure you go away with a personal action plan.
  • No jargon or boredom just practical help and tips in a fun and memorable way!

How money can make you happier workshop

  • Understand the principles of financial wellbeing including how to control your daily finances and the ability to cope with a financial shock.
  • What makes you happy and what would you like to be doing but aren’t. From this create longer term objectives to aim for and spend your time and money on.
  • How to create a long-term plan and use financial forecasting to answer the question “How much is enough?”

Help to buy and helping your employees get on the housing ladder workshop

  • Fed up with flatmates, annoying your parents or loathe your landlord? This workshop helps you understand what to save for a deposit and buy your own home.
  • Reboot your finances to get that deposit, the differences between Help to Buy and Lifetime ISA’s and  the various help to buy schemes.
  • Understand why your spending habits and financial management is important, budgeting and the home buying process.

Reboot your pension workshop

  • No pensions are not dull.  No they are not just for old people.  It’s time to get your head around them and what you really need to know.
  • How to think about planning for later life no matter what age you are, understanding state and different types of pensions
  • 10 things you must do to have a good retirement and your personal action plan.

Deal with debt and become debt-free quicker workshop

  • Prioritise and reduce debt including credit cards, store cards, loans and overdrafts.
  • Discover simple ways to boost your credit score.
  • Learn what to do if you are in a debt crisis.

Building a nest egg – Saving for the future workshop

  • Understand the importance of setting savings goals and budgets, regardless of what stage you’re at in your career.
  • Recognise the difference between  emergency, short-term and long-term savings, and learn tips to help you achieve your savings goals.
  • Gain an overview of the different savings options available.

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