Check: Wellbeing audit

Step 1 – Carry out a wellbeing audit and health checks

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Our short and engaging online wellbeing questionnaire allows employees to identify their individual wellbeing and lifestyle risks. Along with on-site physical health checks, this comprehensive audit helps you and your employees focus on wellbeing priorities

At the end of the questionnaire users receive their Wellbeing Score, Wellbeing Age and Wellbeing Risk, plus personalised scores for six key lifestyle areas. They’ll also have access to our resources library with lots of information on a huge range of health issues.

PES offers:

  • clear-headed analysis of what makes your employees happy
  • research-led, validated questions from the Health and Safety Executive and Public Health England
  • benchmarking to show how your organisation’s wellbeing compares to the national average.

The Happiness Audit gave us an insight into the wellbeing of our employees, which allowed us to use the data to create a tailored wellbeing plan.

Anjulie Truong, Consultant Learning & Development, Webgains


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