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Workplace wellbeing sounds like a great idea for big organisations with the budget to employ occupational health professionals. If you run a smaller enterprise, where do you start?

Workplace wellbeing needn’t be too ‘fluffy’ or expensive for your business. If you don’t fancy meditation Mondays or fat-free Fridays, you can still give your employees more energy, mental agility and positivity with just a few creative ideas.

It may be that simple – or there may be more to do. The key thing is to find out. At PES, we help businesses of all sizes improve workplace wellbeing in a way that works for them. Our approach is to look at where you are now and deliver a meaningful workplace wellbeing solution that gets you to where you want to be.

Three steps to a healthier business

Our workplace wellbeing solution begins with clear-headed analysis. What are the key business issues you need to address?

You might be worried about sickness levels. You may have noticed a dip in productivity. Perhaps you just want to attract the right talent with a package that beats off the competition.




Step 1: Workplace wellbeing: Check

Once we understand your concerns, we’ll take the temperature of your organisation. That means asking employees through focus groups and questionnaires what could make their working life better. If there’s a gap between your expectations and their experience, a direct enquiry from an independent third party will elicit some honest answers. Explore Check.

Step 2: Workplace wellbeing: Plan

We’ll use these robust, evidence-based findings to develop a detailed, achievable plan. Here’s where the creativity really comes in. Throw your assumptions about wellbeing to the wind – our recommendations might be light touch, detailed or radical. Whatever we suggest, we’ll make wellbeing work for you. Explore Plan.

Step 3: Workplace wellbeing: Deliver

With our unique combination of HR, employee benefits and wellbeing expertise, we can deliver on any aspect of the plan, from organisational change through to fitness days. Our wide network of partners means we can get the best deals for training packages, health screening programmes, exercise classes and more. Read on to find out why you should make PES your workplace wellbeing partner! Explore Deliver.

We know why workplace wellbeing works…

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Our wellbeing ‘Happy at Work Hub’!

The PES Happy at Work Hub is a network of workplace wellbeing experts who have been carefully chosen and vetted by PES to deliver inspiring, practical wellbeing interventions that boost productivity and reduce absence rates.

  • Our Happy at Work Hub introduces you to workplace wellbeing practitioners with experience of working with growing businesses to create happy, motivated employees.
  • We take the hassle of organising, vetting and finding top quality practitioners to deliver fun and innovative workplace wellbeing workshops.
  • We’re committed to bringing you stress free, fun wellbeing solutions to make for happy people, happy business.

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