Why workplace wellbeing shouldn’t be like a Christmas tree

Mental Health training – is it enough? 7 steps to happy employees
12 September 2019, 9am-12pm, Osborne Clarke, London EC2


So many workplace wellbeing initiatives come out once a year, sparkle and shine for a few weeks, then disappear for another 11 months. Just like a Christmas tree, they only light up employees’ lives for a short while. How can you make sure your wellbeing strategy, and your mental health initiatives, continue to burn brightly beyond the initial spark?

At our workplace wellbeing conference on 12 September in London, consultant Evan Davidge will explain how to introduce a wellbeing strategy that can ignite your organisation.

Evan is a total reward and wellbeing strategist with over 25 years’ experience nationally and internationally. His in-house experience plays significantly into the strategic advice he provides around developing workplace wellbeing strategies.

Here’s a taster of what you can expect from Evan’s session:

  • What does a joined-up and sustainable wellbeing strategy look like?
  • What are your ‘strategic aiming points’ and key principles?
  • How can you measure success? What are the long-term benchmarks?

Evan will be one of six speakers giving evidence-based ideas on how to make employees happy and productive. You can also look forward to:

  • Mary Lawrence, Partner, Osborne Clarke
  • Brian Heyworth, Global Head of Client Strategy, HSBC – why mental health matters
  • Karen Williams, Chief Financial Officer, Avios Group – a practical case study
  • Jane Fordham, people, culture and equality consultant – what does diversity and inclusion really mean?
  • Debbie Kleiner, Head of Workplace Happiness, PES – a 7-step approach to measurable workplace wellbeing
  • Andrew Drake, Head of Making Friends, PES – using technology for an outstanding employee experience

The event is aimed at business owners and HRDs and will be a great opportunity for peer-to-peer networking.

Spaces are limited, so book your place now!


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