Why wellie wanging is good for wellbeing…

Why wellie wanging is good for wellbeing…

How many ways to wellbeing can you pack into one work event? Quite a few, if our PES sports day is anything to go by.

Wellie wanging, three-legged races, power-walk relays, egg throwing – there’s literally something for every level of sporting prowess at our annual sports extravaganza.

It’s really good fun too, which is great because fun is one of our core company values.

Why? Not just because we like it, but because it makes us happy – and at PES, we believe happy people mean happy business.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are well-documented, research-based actions that any business can work into its culture.

So just how does our sports day embody the Five Ways?

Connect: a bit of healthy competition builds teamwork, especially among colleagues who don’t normally work together. The three-legged race is a particularly bonding exercise.

Be active: it goes without saying that you can’t wang a wellie or walk a relay race without a bit of physical effort.

Take notice: ever tried to win an egg and spoon race without paying attention? It just doesn’t work.

Keep learning: if you don’t what wellie wanging is, check out our video. It was a learning curve for many of us as well.

Give: conceding victory to the winning team is a particular form of giving!

It’s not that difficult to bring fun into your working life. When people can let off emotional and physical steam at work, productivity rises.

Try it and see! If you need more ideas about how to develop an integrated wellbeing strategy that reflects your core values, then please get in touch.

We practice what we preach

We don’t see workplace wellbeing as a business opportunity – we see it as a way of life. Like charity, it begins at home – which is why PES has reappraised its own organisational values and introduced a raft of measures to keep employees smiling and productive. Wellbeing is embedded into our organisational culture.

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