Webinar recording: 10 essentials for your mental health strategy

What does a ‘beer fridge’ or ‘shelf-help’ (yes, shelf) have to do with mental health? If you missed our webinar: “10 essentials for your mental health strategy”, now’s your chance to find out!

Debbie Kleiner, Head of Workplace Happiness at PES and John McGhee, Associate Director at ForrestBrown, shared personal experiences and top tips for creating an effective mental health strategy.

John spoke about the concept of ‘stress bucket overflow’, which can lead to very serious consequences. He also mentioned that poor mental health is a leading cause of absence, meaning employers have a real duty of care to look after their employees.

Debbie placed mental health firmly within the context of employee engagement, stressing that looking after employees makes sound business sense. She went on to share some top tips for making sure you make the most of what you already have in place.

Watch webinar

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