Viewpoint: Why do flexible employee benefits matter?

Employee benefits are well established as a way of attracting and retaining the best people. But what exactly is meant by the term ‘flexible’, and why does a scheme like this deserve investment?

Mention ‘flexible benefits’ and it raises a host of different expectations – including, perhaps, complexity and expense. This is why we tend to avoid the label. It’s easier to think simply in terms of employee benefits, which are part of every employer’s offering (even if the only benefit they have is a pension scheme). However, the phrase is used a lot in our industry, so it deserves explanation.

‘Flexibility’ simply refers to the number of benefits available and the way in which they are offered. Most employers provide something between a single benefit and a fully flexible choice.

In our Viewpoint paper we address areas outlined below.

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  • Why do flexible employee benefits matter?
  • What are flexible employee benefits?
  • Key characteristics of a flexible benefits scheme
  • Benefits offered by a flexible scheme
  • Where are you on the employee benefits journey?
  • Why introduce flexible employee benefits?
  • Employee engagement

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