The value of fun in the workplace

Work doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it shouldn’t be

Work football teams, dress down Fridays, fancy dress days, slides in the office are just some of the ways that companies try to inject a bit of fun into the often repetitive nature of office life.

These initiatives are often seen by workers as just a small, throwaway gesture by the people at the top or an effort to get the company on some sort of list of the ‘most fun employers’. Workplace fun is often not seen as something which holds any great importance to a company, but could we be undervaluing the importance of a bit of fun in the workplace?

It pays to play

A free report written by BrightHR called ‘It Pays to Play’ was released last year and has some interesting results. The authors surveyed 2,000 employees from across the UK and found that fun initiatives in the workplace can help staff become more productive, happier and more satisfied at work as well as helping to reduce absence, increase productivity and lower stress levels. One interesting statistic that stood out was the correlation between fun and absence. The report found that 62% of people who took no sick days over the previous three months had said that they had had some kind of fun in the workplace, compared to 38% of those who hadn’t.

With this in mind, we thought it would be fun (see what we did there?) to take a look at some examples of workplace merriment from across the world.

  • Sparks – This ‘live marketing’ company has a set of company values, one of which is that work should be fun. They incorporate initiatives such as ‘Mini March Madness’, regular fun competitions and a bring your dog to work committee.
  • Fitbit – It should come as no surprise that a company that revolves around fitness would have some fun, fitness related initiatives. With weekly workout sessions every Wednesday with the aim of making the workplace somewhere that can be enjoyable as well as productive.
  • Com – The company name alone would suggest that fun is at the core of the business which is true; some examples include Mario Kart tournaments, Nerf Gun wars and a gaming room.
  • Trunki – The Trunki brand is well known for its sense of fun and this company culture is no more evident than in its company slide which employees can use to go between floors!
  • PES – Yes, here at PES we love to have fun as well. We often have walking meetings out in our spacious grassy area which we find a healthy break from sitting in the office and we recently had a dodgeball tournament followed by staff massages.

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