The value of virtual hellos

At PES, we’re taking a few minutes each day to schedule in virtual coffee breaks with our colleagues.

Social distancing doesn’t mean disconnecting from others entirely. We’re finding that digital platforms can help us see each other, meet four-legged friends and keep up with the workplace gossip. So sit back and enjoy a few brief PES enounters!

Chris trying to chat to Fiona, but Scully is determined to steal the limelight
(as well as the last biscuit).

Triston trying to explain to Jess and Emily (via the medium of mug communication)
how his job works.

Fiona and Sarah enjoying a cuppa.

Triston trying to explain to Charlie the dog how his job works, watched over by Jax.

We don’t know who is saying what to Duncan, but it sparked a great caption competition.

Can we help?

Staying connected is just one part of self-care during this difficult time. If you’d like to speak to us about other ways you can support your people, please get in touch.