Put workplace wellbeing at the heart of the business agenda in 2020

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Employers are realising the effect stress can have on absence rates and productivity. But focusing on workplace wellbeing helps to create a culture where burnout can be avoided and productivity is the natural outcome of a happy workforce.


Wellbeing no longer the province of big businesses

Workplace wellbeing is no longer the exclusive province of large corporates, according to Bupa. Smaller companies are becoming increasingly focused on creating a positive employee experience. In 2018, Patrick Watt, corporate director and global head of wellness at Bupa, commented that many senior business leaders were taking the wellbeing agenda seriously.

Here at PES, we know that wellbeing interventions don’t have to be ‘fluffy’, complex or expensive. With just a few creative ideas, you help to promote positivity, energy and mental agility.

We help businesses of all sizes improve workplace wellbeing in a way that works for them. Our approach is to look at where you are now and deliver a meaningful workplace wellbeing solution that gets you to where you want to be.

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