Redundancy advice, and how outplacement can help

We know many organisations are doing whatever they can to save their businesses, and we still maintain that you should use redundancy as a last resort.

If, however, you have reached that last resort, it’s important to remember that you should not just select those who are still on furlough as redundancy candidates in the first instance.

Redundancy needs to be a fair selection process, especially if the person on furlough does the same/a similar job as someone who is already back from furlough.

ACAS have issued a joint statement with the CBI and TUC on how to handle redundancies and we would mirror this advice. Always ensure that you:

  1. Do it openly
  2. Do it thoroughly
  3. Do it genuinely
  4. Do it fairly
  5. Do it with dignity

It might also be useful to know that if you are making redundancies, Jobcentre Plus has launched a Rapid Response Service (RRS) to help people get straight back into work. To get help using the Rapid Response Service email:

We are currently helping businesses through the redundancy process by offering an ‘Outplacement service’. This means that we will be on hand to provide assistance to redundant employees by giving practical, emotional support that will enable them to move on and find other work. It benefits both the individual and also you as an employer by giving peace of mind during such a difficult process.

Lisa Trent is our HR guru

There really isn’t very much to do with people that she doesn’t know about! Whether it’s furloughing or people management, she’s on hand to help, but also listen.


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