PES wins Health Insurance Award 2017 – Best Cash Plans Intermediary

PES has been named Best Cash Plans Intermediary in the prestigious Health Insurance Awards 2017. This is our third award for group health broking in just one year.

Marketing and retail support agency eXPD8 saw a visible reduction in absence rates thanks to the health cash plan we recommended. The cash plan:

  • made mental health support accessible and affordable to employees
  • avoided an NHS wait of 12 weeks for counselling
  • gave immediate access to treatment.

This resulted in employees getting back to work after just a few weeks instead of three to four months.

‘We didn’t realise just how much difference the health cash plan would make on absence levels. Bringing a potential three-month absence down to three weeks is a fantastic bonus, and multiplying this by just three or four employees makes a big difference to a business like ours,’ said Paul Roffey, Group Financial Director, eXPD8.

The scheme has been well used, with just under 7% of eXPD8’s employees upgrading voluntarily to a higher level of cover. It also fitted very well into their health and wellbeing strategy.

PES also provides ongoing HR support to eXPD8. The health cash plan is now clearly aligned with other benefits in a job banding system that clarifies the reward package for each band. As well as giving employees clarity, an essential part of wellbeing, the system shows that the health cash plan gives each employee a sense of being valued.

We’ve also supported eXPD8 to design and deliver a new performance management system which embodies principles that promote wellbeing and a productive workforce.

‘PES is unique in that we deliver exceptional benefit broking skills in-house, and we can combine this with outstanding HR and wellbeing consultancy,’ said Ian Rummels, Head of Thinking and Possibilities at PES. ‘This means we offer a seamless approach to creating a great employee experience.’

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