PES Green Week 16th – 20th September 2019

The team at PES are always thinking about the environment, local community and charity.

So we will be launching our very own PES Green Week from 16th September and each day, we will be looking at a range of environmental issues including; greener ways to travel, sustainability and energy, clothing – and how to make best use of what you’ve already got in your wardrobe, waste, rubbish & plastic and finally, food waste.

We’re all being challenged to travel to work on Monday in a ‘greener way’; come to work on Wednesday wearing something that’s not been worn for at least a year and be inspired to be green.

PES has a commitment to all of these things and more.  We love raising money for two amazing local charities including Above and Beyond and do what we can for our local community so the PES Green Week will give us an opportunity to raise awareness a play a small but important part in making our planet a better place to be.