PES Green Week 16th – 20th September 2019

The team at PES are always thinking about the environment, local community and charity.
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Have you thought about your pension?

Pensions are important.  Thinking about a pension early on in your career or making sure you pay in enough to ...
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What’s the best way to access HR advice?

Business owners and managers face many challenges, and dealing with people is often one of the biggest.
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Meet the team: Cathy Monaghan, Head of Refreshingly Different HR

Cathy Monaghan tells us about life in the HR team and shares a secret from her wayward youth.
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Menzies Law Employment Law Update – Pregnancy & Maternity in the Workplace Seminar, 8th October (Bristol)

PES is delighted to share news about a seminar from Menzies Law.
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PES Health Shortlisted again for Cover Excellence Awards

The PES Health team are delighted to once again be shortlisted for this year's Cover Excellence Awards.
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