Menzies Law Employment Law Update – Pregnancy & Maternity in the Workplace Seminar, 8th October (Bristol)

PES is, as always, delighted to work closely with Menzies Law, a local practice of employment law specialists and so ...
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PES Health Shortlisted again for Cover Excellence Awards

The PES Health team are delighted to once again be shortlisted for this year's Cover Excellence Awards.
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Don’t worry, be happy: Happiness Happens month, August 2019

Did you know August 2019 is Happiness Happens month? Well it is! If the cynic in you is thinking...
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Why workplace wellbeing shouldn’t be like a Christmas tree

So many workplace wellbeing initiatives come out once a year, sparkle and shine for a few weeks, then disappear...
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You’ve got employee benefits but how do you tell your staff?

If you’re introducing employee benefits into your organisation, how will you make sure your investment doesn't...
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Five key ways to measure workplace wellbeing

A wellbeing audit should help you to plan and deliver a measurable wellbeing strategy linked to business outcomes.
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