Meet the team: Paul Dunsford, Lead Health and Group Risk Adviser

What three words would people use to describe you?

One colleague said ‘Fountain of Knowledge’ – very flattering! I’ve asked each of my team to describe me in a few words. They’ve said – happy, helpful, friendly, organised, kind and fun. I like all of those, so feel free to take your pick!

Tell us about your role at PES

I work with my team at PES Health to ensure that our clients have the desired Health and Group Risk products for their employees, and provide them with on-going support in all matters relating to their policies.

What’s a typical day like?

No such thing as a typical day in the health team! One day I could be working with a client in relation to their policy renewals or inception of a new policy, the next I could be with an insurer receiving training on their products and service. Unfortunately, we also sometimes have to support employers with a matter such as a death in service claim.

What’s the nicest thing a client as ever said about you?

It’s lovely to receive some wonderful feedback from our group decisions-makers about the broking job we’ve done and the support provided. For example, one client said ‘The PES Health team have been fantastic at introducing us to our third-party providers and increasing the visibility of the offer.’

But I think the most rewarding things come from those employees who have cause to use a product and have told us what a difference it’s made to them.

Why do you like working here?

We live and breathe our values and do the right thing by our customers. We will not sell them a product they don’t need or that doesn’t suit their requirements. I’m a passionate believer that if we always do the right thing by our clients, they will stay with us. I also find it hugely satisfying when we can create savings for a client and provide products that the employer and employees will find valuable, and products that do exactly what they say they will do if the policy needs to be used.

Would you like support from the PES Health team?
Then please get in touch.