Meet the team: Cathy Monaghan, Head of Refreshingly Different HR

Welcome to our occasional series introducing the fabulous PES team. Here we find out a bit more about Cathy Monaghan, our Head of Refreshingly Different HR. Cathy is refreshingly different herself, as all of us can confirm…and great fun to work with.

Tell us about your role at PES

I work with my team-mates supporting our wonderful clients to ensure that their employees do their very best every day (and sometimes helping them when they don’t).

What’s a typical day like?

It may be a cliché but there isn’t a typical day in the HR support team. I might be in the PES office with my colleagues and/or responding to client queries, or at a client’s premises working on a project. This could be line manager training for example, or how to enhance performance, a re-structure/redundancy/TUPE exercise, or any of the myriad people challenges employers face. I might also be meeting with prospective clients.

What’s the nicest thing a client has ever said about you?

We’ve been extremely lucky that our clients are (usually!) really nice about the support they get from us – just look at the testimonials on our website. I think my favourite is ‘refreshingly helpful’.

Why do you like working here

PES has always had a culture of trying to make our employee experience the best ever – we practise what we preach. But the greatest thing is to work with a client to either resolve an issue for/with them, or to introduce something that makes a real difference to their organisation.

Three words that people would use to describe you

Quiet, reflective and insular…oh no wait, that’s what I wish! 😊 Pragmatic, honest and helpful.

Tell us one little-known, random fact about you

I was once nearly arrested when my friends and I wanted to see the stones in Stonehenge. We climbed over fences and fields at 2am, and were subsequently advised by the police to go home quietly. I was a student at the time…

Would you like support from our refreshingly helpful HR team?
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