Handbooks & HR policies

HR policies are worthy allies to have in your document arsenal. Most aren’t legally required (apart from a disciplinary and a grievance policy), but they help to set the scene and provide clarity at crucial moments.

To avoid unnecessary headaches, we recommend making your HR policies non-contractual. For example, a company car policy may set out rules of how to maintain and keep your cars clean, but you don’t want it to cause legal issues that you and your business could do without.

Less is more

Ever heard the saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’? Well, too many policies spoil the HR experience for both managers and employees. Don’t bombard your staff with information that leaves them feeling overwhelmed. Although certain policies make sense for every business (equal opportunities and sickness/absence, for example), pick and choose the rest wisely. For example, you could have:

  • A food hygiene policy for a restaurant
  • An internet usage policy for an office
  • A machine operating policy for manufacturing
  • An intellectual property policy for…well…you get the point!

Think of us as your policy gurus. We can take a good hard look at your existing HR policies and:

  • Advise you on what policies you should have, and whether to have a handbook to cover it all
  • Suggest which ones you could get rid of
  • Make necessary amendments to any existing policies
  • Provide you with policy templates
  • Create unique, bespoke policies tailored to your business

Rest assured that we’ll consider your business carefully and only recommend the policies you actually need.

Essential Trading Co-operative chose PES as their HR Support partner, to ensure they meet their practical and legal obligations, whilst remaining true to its fair-minded ethos.

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