Employment contracts

Many business owners have gained a few wrinkles and lost a bit of hair over the legalities of employment contracts. But don’t worry, we’re here to help create a watertight document that works for you.

Did you know:

  • An employment contract begins as soon as an offer of employment is made (whether verbally or in writing)
  • You can make changes to employment contracts as long as both parties agree
  • All employees are entitled to a written statement of the primary terms and conditions of employment (sometimes called contract)
  • If you don’t cover everything you need to in your terms and conditions, then you could put your business at risk of not achieving what it needs – or even facing employment tribunal or High Court claims

Here at PES, our HR experts can:

  • Review your current employment contracts
  • Explain best practices and what’s useful to include
  • Provide a template contract
  • Create specifically tailored employment contracts for any employee or job

We can also help you to develop your handbooks and policies.

Essential Trading Co-operative chose PES as their HR Support partner, to ensure they meet their practical and legal obligations, whilst remaining true to its fair-minded ethos.

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