Job descriptions

Never underestimate the importance of being crystal clear about what’s expected in job role. Before you even start a job description, ask yourself – why does the role exist? How does it support the purpose of the organisation? What key skills and qualifications are required? And what kind of person could make it work?

Remember not to spice up the job too much – it’s important to be positive, but if ‘extensive travel’ means regular trips to the supermarket to stock up on office kitchen essentials, that’s probably a step too far. Equally though, don’t scare candidates away with confusing jargon. If you must use TLAs (three-letter acronyms), explain what they mean.

How we can help

Our HR team knows how to attract the right candidates and also use a job description as a basis for performance management. Let us help you to craft your job descriptions and make them work hard for you. We’ve compiled enough in our time to know:

  • What information to include and what to avoid
  • What attracts the right candidates
  • How to make your job stand out from the crowd
  • How to use the job description as a basis for appraisals and performance management