People and performance

Performance management – or getting the most from your people – is the fine art of objective setting, reviewing, training and developing your employees to meet the aims and aspirations of your organisation. Hopefully theirs too, which is really important. It takes careful planning to strike the right balance, so sharpening your performance management skills will make all the difference.

The process of maximising employee potential

A good performance management system will usually involve these elements.

  • Recruiting with a full understanding of the immediate and on-going skills you need.
  • Painting a clear picture of job roles and what’s expected of employees (ensuring your role profiles are correct and up to date).
  • Communicating effectively with your employees so they understand the role they play and the route your organisation is taking.
  • Having regular performance meetings and providing comprehensive feedback (the good and the not so good).
  • Developing training programmes to increase the expertise of your workforce.
  • Motivating employees by helping them set goals and develop their career.
  • Implementing schemes that reward employees who perform well.

Great performance management often leads to great rewards. Our friendly HR team can help your organisation reach those rewards by maximising employee potential.