Succession planning

If your current managers or team leaders left today, would other staff be able to step up to the mark? If not, then you should consider developing your promising employees so they can take on greater responsibilities.

Succession planning is vital for dealing with change. This means identifying the current and future requirements of your organisation, recognising where the skills gaps are in your workforce and taking steps to address them.

Management competencies

An effective competency framework of management skills is one of the best ways to nurture current and future management talent from within. Regularly assessing your existing managers against these competencies highlights whether they’re performing as they should.

How we can help

Identifying your workforce needs can often be a tricky process, especially when you’re trying to view the bigger picture and consider the future needs of your organisations. Our HR experts can:

  • Help you identify future skills requirements
  • Uncover the key strengths and weaknesses of your workforce
  • Identify skills gaps and areas for development (through psychometric tests, for example)
  • Identify the talent you currently have
  • Develop a succession planning strategy and help you implement it