Organisational change

If you want to realise your business vision, change goes with the territory. Growth implies movement – and let’s face it, no-one ever reached the top by doing the same thing in the same way all the time.

Organisations go through a major change around once every three years on average, according to research. It stands to reason – the economy isn’t static. For example, the digital and social media revolution has opened up a whole world of business opportunities – but only for organisations who are willing to adapt, both culturally and practically.

Priorities for change

It’s a well-known fact that not everybody embraces change, even when it’s positive. Studies show that around 20% of employees struggle to cope well with organisational change. So the main priorities for any business wanting a smooth transition is to minimise disruption and get people on board.

Luckily, we have the HR knowledge and advice you need to facilitate change effectively. Despite the friction and turbulence it may bring, we can introduce measures that will make change manageable. Read on to find out more.