Organisational design

Structure and workforce planning

The way you design and structure your organisation has a big impact on its culture, and on whether your people are able to deliver your business goals. Workforce planning allows you to build teams with the right skills and attitudes to achieve what’s needed at the right time.

Add organisational change into the mix and it becomes even more interesting. As your business grows (sometimes in new and unexpected directions), even the best laid organisational designs and workforce plans may need to be reviewed.

We know how to design an organisation and build a workforce and a culture that’s truly fit for purpose. Our experts can:

  • Understand the external and internal influences affecting your activities and design the organisational structure, resources and processes that work for you
  • Compare your current structure and workforce with what’s proposed, to ensure there is no wastage or ‘change for the sake of change’
  • Implement the new design and workforce so that your people are on board and able to deliver.