Regular, one-to-one meetings with line managers are a great way to systematically and objectively assess employee performance and build their competence. Appraisals work for all kinds of businesses, from the very large to the very small.

They allow managers to acknowledge achievements (great for motivation), highlight and use an employee’s strengths, address their weaknesses, and bring to light any problems affecting progress.

Sometimes appraisals are relegated to the back of the ‘HR speak’ queue because they can become a tick-box exercise. But let’s not forget that this is effectively a conversation about performance. As such, these ‘job chats’ are an essential feature of any high-achieving organisation – and they don’t have to follow a set pattern.

How we can help

Keep your appraisal process alive and relevant by making sure it ties in with your long-term goals. Let employees know just how they contribute to realising your vision. We can step in to lend an experienced hand by:

  • Reviewing your current process, documentation, and future aims
  • Designing a bespoke appraisal process, from documentation to guidelines
  • Ensuring other documentation fits, such as job descriptions
  • Delivering appraisal training for your management or ‘appraisers’
  • Providing appropriate training and/or briefing for the employees or ‘appraisees’
  • Helping you use appraisals as a strategic tool to achieve what your goals