Your people strategy

Has it been a while since you last took a long hard look at what your organisation needs from its people? If so, it’s probably time to conduct some strategic HR.

Ask yourself: does your people strategy support your vision and goals? What kind of an organisation do you need to be to attract, motivate and retain the best talent? This is called your employer brand and it should reflect your culture and business strategy. Get it right and the world’s your oyster.

Essential Trading Co-operative chose PES as their HR Support partner, to ensure they meet their practical and legal obligations, whilst remaining true to its fair-minded ethos.

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Case Study

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HR audit – strategy and processes

When it comes to anything to do with people, we really know our stuff. We’ve been conducting HR audits and coming up with workable plans for longer than we care to remember – to the great satisfaction of our clients. We can help to build the foundations for your strategy and spring clean all of your current HR/people processes.

Here at PES we put our best minds to use and systematically review key areas including:

Read on to find out how organisational design and workforce planning are integral to your strategy.