Dealing with poor performance

It isn’t easy telling an employee that their performance at work isn’t up to scratch. Even though you want them to give 100% to their role, you don’t want to demoralise them or create animosity or unwanted conflict – especially when it may not be their fault.

Have you considered whether:

  • You’ve given clear instructions?
  • Your demands are reasonable?
  • You tackled the performance issues as soon as they arose?
  • They have other things going on in their life that may be affecting performance?

If not, then you and your employee may be able to reassess the role and agree on the performance that should be expected.

Dealing with underperformance can be tricky. Our knowledgeable team have a strong track record in this area, so they can help you to:

  • Define whether you have employee performance issues
  • Create an action plan for dealing with them
  • Provide training and support for employee performance where needed
  • Deliver training and support for managers to tackle poor performance
  • Give advice and support as to whether disciplinary action is needed