HR in Law: why employee benefits can transform your employer brand

How can employee benefits transform the experience of staff in the legal sector? What does it take to create a compelling employer brand? These were the questions discussed at a recent HR in Law seminar led by Ian Rummels, Head of Thinking and Possibilities at PES.

Ian led a lively session with HR professionals from a number of leading law firms, covering the following topics.

  • How employee benefits can help law practices attract and retain the best candidates.
  • Why employee benefits play a crucial role in workplace wellbeing.
  • How technology is transforming the employee benefits experience.
  • Which innovative new benefits are driving employee satisfaction.
  • Why creative communication is essential to a successful employee benefits scheme.
  • How modern schemes can be tailored to equity partners as well as salaried employees.

Employee benefits as a differentiator in a competitive market

The UK is currently seeing the highest level of employment for years, which means increasing competition in many sectors for the brightest talent. Ian focused on why employee benefits have a critical role to play in helping legal and wider professional services firms attract and retain the best people in a competitive market.

Employee benefits are not just about perks. Understanding your people, practice culture and aspirations will help you to create benefits by design – in other words, an exciting reward package which is valued by all your employees.

Employee benefits and wellbeing

Financial and workplace wellbeing are hot topics nowadays. Ian discussed the role employee benefits play in delivering wellbeing, so that staff feel supported, understood and nurtured, and able to perform at their best. Take a look at how our client Unit4 has succeeded in using their employee benefits to enhance workplace wellbeing.

Using technology to enhance the employee benefits experience

Technology is transforming the world of employee benefits. Ian explained how employees can enjoy an easy-to-use portal that provides the best user experience and functionality. Digital also means flexibility, allowing firms to make changes easily to their benefit offering as needs evolve. Technology supports communication, giving employees regular, branded information through the same digital channels they use in everyday life. This increases engagement with benefits and helps to deliver an excellent return on investment.

Employee benefits and equity partners – join our workshop

Employee benefits should be enjoyed by everyone, so Ian also touched on how law firms can ensure benefits appeal to equity partners and salaried employees alike.

This is an evolving area in which PES is keen to develop further, so if you work for a law firm and would like to join in a workshop on the topic, please get in touch.

And please contact us if you’d like to discuss how employee benefits can help to transform your employer brand.