Our Happy at Work hub takes off!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Happy at Work Hub, a network of expert practitioners who can add real sparkle to any workplace wellbeing programme.

We were joined by over 40 organisations at our launch event on 20th September at the Penny Brohn Centre in Pill, just outside Bristol. Our guests were introduced to Happy at Work Hub specialists who have been carefully chosen and vetted by PES to deliver inspiring, practical wellbeing interventions that boost productivity and reduce absence rates.

They offer a range of activities from physical and nutritional programmes to mindfulness, financial wellbeing and mental health awareness training.

As well as meeting our Hub practitioners, guests were introduced to PES Wellbeing by Debbie Kleiner-Gaines, our Head of Workplace Happiness, who explained why we think wellbeing is much more than just the absence of ill-health. At PES, we focus on happiness at work, which is often seen as subjective, yet it’s something that employers can influence and measure.

If wellbeing can be embedded in the organisation with senior management buy-in, strategic goals and measurable outcomes, the result is likely to be more effective than a piecemeal approach. Hence our mantra, happy people, happy business.

To bring this to life, Ian Rummels, our Head of Thinking and Possibilities, shared his own wellbeing ethos as a business owner, and explained how PES has created a culture which helps employees to be happy and productive. In fact, 100% of our staff would recommend PES as a great place to work.

The Happy at Work Hub launch gave attendees a taste of practitioner workshops in mental health first aid and financial wellbeing, with engaging, inspiring talks by two of our experts. Guests then spent part of the event sharing ideas and discussing their own organisational approaches to wellbeing.

The Penny Brohn Centre is the only ‘venue’ member of our Hub, and provides a beautiful, tranquil setting for off-site meetings and events.

Find out more about our Happy at Work Hub, or contact us to discuss how PES could help you develop your wellbeing programme.