Strategic wellbeing for better outcomes

Webgains is a high -performance affiliate marketing company, connecting brands to a wide network of publishers to accelerate sales.

PES wellbeing experts worked with Webgains to produce a wellbeing audit. This research-based, company-wide temperature check led to the discovery of some hidden gems that didn’t cost Webgains a penny.

Our wellbeing methodology

We introduced Webgains to our a comprehensive, three-stage approach to workplace wellbeing.

  • Check: a company-wide wellbeing audit to discover whether employees have what they need to meet business objectives.
  • Plan: devise a detailed action plan to fill any gaps.
  • Deliver: provide support with all or any aspect of delivery.

The findings from the Webgains audit (‘check’) were linked to the company’s employee benefits. We helped Webgains make the most of their existing healthcare benefits in order to improve employee wellbeing without spending any more budget (‘plan’). We also provided some wellbeing and HR solutions to help create a positive employee experience (‘deliver’).

Check: the wellbeing audit

Our wellbeing audit uses a robust methodology to accurately measure employee responses to a detailed questionnaire. Webgains received a 23-page report based on a 73% response rate, with a detailed statistical breakdown of every answer.

Questions were research-led and validated by both the Health and Safety Executive and Public Health England. We found that wellbeing was below the national average but we were able to identify key areas for improvement, including nutrition, physical wellbeing and sleep. The most requested intervention was a health check.

Plan: use existing benefits

Our workplace wellbeing and employee benefits expertise meant that PES was ideally placed to help Webgains get the most from their employee benefits to boost wellbeing.

Through PES Health, Webgains already had Private Medical Insurance (PMI) with Vitality. So following the audit, we highlighted how their existing policy could help to improve several of the outcomes identified in our report.

Plan: free healthchecks and support

For example:

  • employees could individually request a health check at Lloyds pharmacy as part of the Vitality policy, saving the company the need to invest in a separate programme
  • the 25% of Webgains employees who smoked could access expert support to stop smoking
  • 16% of employees had done no physical exercise in a single week, but discounted gym membership was available through their PMI policy.

Plan: highlight healthy incentives

The PMI policy includes an interactive partner rewards programme which gives employees incentives to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The provider has teamed up with some household names including Nuffield Health, Virgin Active, Weight Watchers and Champneys Spa to offer a whole range of wellbeing interventions.

We ensured that the PMI health team attended Webgains business sites to carry out a wellness day, raising awareness and increasing take-up among employees.

Deliver: mental health training

Our audit revealed that 76% of Webgains employees had problems with sleep, and 94% found their job stressful to varying degrees. We highlighted the importance of stress management and:

  • ran a series of on-site workshops on building resilience in London and Bristol
  • ran a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course for line managers.

Richard Denys


The timing worked well – delivering the audit before the resilience training meant that participants had a much better context when it came to discussing stress.

Deliver: HR support

We also highlighted the benefits available to employees through the Health Shield Health Cash Plan, including access to the Employee Assistance Programme and a range of alternative therapies.

Because we take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing which includes HR interventions, Webgains also benefited from Line Manager workshops run by our HR experts.

What were the results?

Vitality statistics show that Webgains employees have saved £1,474 so far by participating in the programme over a seven-month period. Of this, over 50% are savings on health and wellbeing activities such as Virgin Active and health and lifestyle screening.

Can we help?

We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch to find out how our  workplace wellbeing team can help your business, or whether happypeople is the right employee benefits solution for you.