Changes to the business

Maintel is a provider of managed communications services for the private and public sectors. The company uses technology to make businesses more agile, employees more productive and customers better engaged.

Change has been the watchword for Maintel recently – new acquisitions, an expanding workforce, and the need for an exciting, engaging employee benefits solution. We’re delighted that the company chose happypeople.

Employee benefits day

PES brought Maintel employees and benefit providers together for a fantastic day to showcase their happypeople benefits – great potential savings, exciting perks and advice on financial wellbeing. Watch our video to find out more.

Sarah Burton

HR Manager

The software is so modern and intuitive. We began to hear employees who didn’t have happypeople telling us they wanted the same great experience as their colleagues!

Rapid growth

Maintel has grown dramatically over recent years. PES was poised to launch happypeople when a business merger was announced. Once the new company was established, the launch went ahead as planned.

But the newly formed enterprise faced a particular challenge. Its legacy employee benefits packages remained separate initially, meaning that not all employees were users of happypeople.

Flexible software

By popular demand, happypeople was rolled out to all employees, but the underlying challenges remained. For example, not all employees had access to the same benefits. But this didn’t pose a problem for the system.

“The technology means that end users see one employee benefits system, even though their benefits may be different. That’s an important part of the cultural journey for us.”

Sarah Burton

HR Manager

PES starts with the business problems rather than just promoting employee benefits. They did a fantastic job of demonstrating to our internal stakeholders what cost-savings could be made.

What were the challenges?

Further complications arose when a third business was acquired, along with a new set of employee benefits. The challenges included:

  • unwieldy legacy benefit schemes and different technologies
  • the need to maintain some continuity while representing one company
  • duplicated products, creating inefficiencies and high costs
  • excessive administration, taking up valuable HR time
  • a rapidly growing workforce
  • poor customer support from previous employee benefits providers.

How did PES help?

  • We provided an engaging technology platform that supports consolidation by offering a uniform employee view of all benefits.
  • Our technology allows benefit variations (employee only sees what benefits are available to them) and supports promotion of universal benefits such as shopping perks.
  • Our multi-skilled team of technology and employee benefits experts identified products that could be rationalised, and brokered regulated benefits to achieve efficiencies and cost savings.
  • We delivered back-office administration, reducing the load on HR, and on payroll in particular.

“I have to say your team are a credit to PES and we work very well together.” Louise Leach, Group Payroll Manager

Sarah Burton

HR Manager

PES deals directly with our marketing team, which means I don’t need to be an expert in employee communications. It really helps that PES takes such a partnership approach.

What else did we offer?

  • An employee benefits day at Maintel’s office bringing staff and providers together, supported by our communications team, to create a real buzz around the scheme.
  • An engaging user interface, exciting benefits and excellent employee communications which keeps employees interested and enthusiastic.
  • An employee helpdesk, saving HR time.

“The PES helpdesk takes a lot of pressure of us. Employees get a good response so queries aren’t escalated to HR.”

  • Dedicated account management and cross-departmental support from our friendly team.

What were the results?

  • 63% employee registration initially, rising to 89% within two years.
  • Consolidation of six legacy Private Medical Insurance (PMI) schemes into one simplified arrangement.
  • Outsourced administration of a dozen legacy pension schemes.
  • Transfer of voluntary benefits to new providers, leading to cost savings.

“PES are very customer-focused and we get a really personal service. Everyone in the team is thoughtful and responsive. I feel like an important client.”

Can we help?

We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch to find out how happypeople can help your business.