Engaging employees across multiple sites

apetito is a leading food producer for the health and social care sector. The company believes that nutritious, tasty food should be enjoyed by everyone, particularly society’s most vulnerable people.

apetito has 1,200 employees, based at a number of sites across the UK. The company was looking to engage employees with an exciting range of benefits. The solution? apetito perks, a modern, online employee benefits scheme based on PES’s flexible, intuitive software.

Harriet Reid

HR Advisor

PES were helpful and enthusiastic from the start. They really understood the diverse nature of our workforce and worked hard to engage people with our employee benefits, with good results.

What were the challenges?

  • apetito’s employees were spread over different sites, and not all of them had access to a computer. Some didn’t even have work email addresses.
  • Communications to date around employee benefits had been minimal and lacking in innovation. As a result, previous employee benefits providers had seen low engagement rates.
  • apetito were also frustrated by the level of customer support they had received.

How did PES help?

  • We consolidated apetito’s existing employee benefits onto happypeople, our online benefits platform, and branded it apetito perks.
  • Our employee benefits software reassured HR that their data was being managed safely and securely.

“PES’s IASME Gold Standard accreditation gives me total confidence to share data, knowing that it’s being treated securely.”

Harriet Reid

HR Advisor

The technology creates a much better experience for employees. They can now access all their benefits from one place. The look of the site is fantastic. It’s modern and up-to-date, and works well with our brand.

Great perks, high awareness

  • We included our online shopping portal free with apetito perks, giving employees access to thousands of high-street retailers offering discounts and rewards.
  • We also provided childcare vouchers for free with the platform, allowing apetito to save money by switching seamlessly from their existing provider.
  • Our employee communications experts provided a package of innovative and engaging tools to raise awareness among employees. These included e-campaigns, posters, provider materials, a competition, site visits and presentations to service managers.

Proactive account management

  • With dedicated account management from our team, apetito enjoyed regular updates on the progress of their scheme, and support with any questions or issues.

“I’ve never had as much contact with account managers before. They call and meet with us regularly. PES work proactively with our IT team to find solutions.”

  • We demonstrated how well we understood and shared apetito’s values around quality, customer care and sustainability.

Harriet Reid

HR Advisor

The happypeople team have managed communications very well. They don’t leave it all to us. Their materials, site visits and competitions have made a real difference to employee engagement.

What was the result?

  • 58% of employees registered with apetito perks after only six months, an increase from only 25% with the previous provider. With many employees not even having access to a work computer, this is a real achievement.

Further communications are planned to bring even more employees on board.

Can we help?

We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch to find out how happypeople can help your business.