Provides delegates with the knowledge, skill set and tools to be able to plan, implement and evaluate workplace wellbeing programmes.

About this Event

There is now an increasing recognition of the importance of organizational wellbeing. Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that wellbeing can improve employee engagement and productivity, leading to greater organizational growth and success. The “new normal” of working will demand greater organizational resilience and agility, which can only be achieved if employees are well supported and treated at work. For many organizations, especially those lacking the requisite internal expertise and resources, this remains a major challenge. As a result, businesses risk being led by best practice and solutions rather than best fit, potentially leading to poor wellbeing investments and outcomes.

What is the purpose of the course?

The People Leaders Wellbeing Course is designed to fill that gap and professionalise workplace wellbeing practice. This modular and practically led virtual course provides delegates with the knowledge, skill set and tools to be able to plan, implement and evaluate wellbeing programmes to support strategic operational goals.

Launched in partnership with The Wellbeing Leader, our course is structured on the lines of a voluntary code of practice, which sets core standards and competences based on the World Health Organization’s ‘5 Keys to Healthy Workplaces.’ Clear learning outcomes are defined along with a training syllabus, objectives and course content.

What does it cover?

The virtual course involves a maximum of 7 hours participation, split over 3 modules, comprising 8 lessons and 5 defined implementation stages. Module 1 will include an icebreaker session focused on the relative starting position and expectations of each delegate; as well as acquiring a basic understanding of workplace wellbeing and the current landscape.

Delegates will then embark on learning the intricacies of a “Winning Formula” in terms of conceiving, planning, implementing and reviewing an effective wellbeing framework and programme. The whole course content is based on live practitioner experience, authoritative research sources and best practice.

By engaging with fellow delegates in virtual discussions and practical exercises, plus the provision of off-the-shelf resources, which can be tailored for your particular organisation’s requirements, you will be given the complete formula to deliver an end-to-end wellbeing strategy.

A web recording of all modules will be made available to delegates.

When and where is the course?

The virtual course will be held on Zoom on the following dates:

Module 1 : 17th November 9am-11am
Module 2 : 18th November 9am-11am
Module 3 : 19th November 9am – 12pm
The course will be limited to a maximum of 20 delegates to ensure proper management and facilitation. Additional applicants will be placed on a waiting list for future courses, which will be held at frequent intervals, dependent upon demand.

All delegates will receive joining instructions prior to the course, which will include the voluntary code of wellbeing practice, a workbook and a Personal Development plan.

Who should attend?

The course would be most suitable if you are a small business owner, a people leader and / or practitioner with responsibility for delivering workplace wellbeing.

How will you benefit from the course?

Like a well-drilled Formula 1 team, which attains the most effective use of their money and resources through designing, building and testing, by the end of the course you will have the winning formula and tools to implement a wellbeing strategy to meet your goals.

On completion of this course, therefore, you will be able to:

• Analyse the relationship between the environment, strategy and models of workplace wellbeing.

• Explore the conceptual apparatus and theoretical debates informing workplace wellbeing.

• Critically evaluate key issues and practical applications of workplace wellbeing.

• Identify through self-evaluation the critical skills, competencies and attributes required of a workplace wellbeing strategist or leader.

• Design a high impact wellbeing programme that will align with your external brand and contribute to higher productivity and business success.

• Produce an effective communication plan to influence both organisational and individual wellbeing behavioral change.

• Implement workplace wellbeing governance and risk management controls.

• Identify key measures of success and performance indicators.

You will also receive an accredited CPD Certificate of Attendance to be used as learning time for individual personal development requirements. In addition, you will be able to self-audit your knowledge and skill gaps through the Personal Development Planning process, provided to you on the course.

Furthermore, you will receive a course workbook and links to additional resources to help you with developing wellbeing in your organisation.

Finally, you will be given the opportunity to become part of a wider “alumni” community to share best practice and ideas with your counterparts.

Will there be any pre-course preparation?

You will be asked to do some minor homework before the course by completing an online Workforce Health and Wellbeing Framework Short-Form Diagnostic Tool and a short profiler survey form. This will help the trainers with tailoring the course to meet your requirements and to utilise the tuition effectively.

How much will it cost?

The fee for attending the whole course and receiving the full library of resources is £500. We believe that these fees represent extremely good value. It is equivalent to the cost of saving 2.5 days’ sickness absence or 10% of the annual cost of an inactive long-term sick employee Payment of the course fee will be in advance and is non-refundable but transferable.