Broadcast your benefits

Broadcast your benefits

A great benefits scheme deserves to be shouted about. That’s why we include employee communications as standard in your happypeople package.

Research shows that the main reason why most employers offer benefits is to attract and engage talent. Yet a staggering 70% of employers struggle to communicate their benefits packages effectively. Quite a paradox!

At PES, we offer creative, exciting communications programmes which make sure no employee is left in the dark.

Your online portal will be personalised with your logo and colour choices, making it really stand out.

We’ll communicate to your employees all year round with news and reminders about the fantastic range of benefits available.

Communications will be tailored to suit your employee demographic, and will be delivered through various channels, such as: 

  • Onboarding and launch packs
  • Targeted email and printed newsletters
  • Posters
  • PDF employee user guides

Our step-by-step user guides will give your staff reasons to consider what they could gain from each benefit, and help you to explain the value too.

Bespoke communications for your employees

If you want to develop a more bespoke communications package, the sky’s the limit.

We’ll create an annual communication plan unique to your organisation. We offer a host of communication tools ranging from colourful posters, intranet articles and banners through to customised merchandise and face-to-face launch events. Ever seen a spoof interrogation film on the value of benefits? It’s been done, and it works.

We can deliver tailored communications to designated ‘benefit champions’ within your business – individual employees who can sing the praises of benefits from the rooftops (or desktops perhaps).

Our flexible platform means that employees can choose benefits whenever they want, wherever they are. We’ll make sure that clever reminders catch their eye all year round.

Total Reward Statement

Why not spell out to each employee just how much they are worth to you? We can design an easy-to-read Total Reward Statement (TRS) that shows the value of salary, bonus and commission payments, ‘visible’ benefits and all the great things people often take for granted.

Company parking, free tea and coffee or the Christmas party paid for by you – it all mounts up. A company car park could save your employees £35 a week, and free tea and coffee means they don’t have to pay through the nose for designer lattes.

Our experienced team can create and distribute an eye-catching, simple TRS booklet with a personalised message from you to your employees. Use it to remind them of all the other fantastic benefits you offer.


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Keeping the message live

No two organisations are the same, so we’ll work hard to make sure your staff really get the message. Our campaigns drive home the simplicity of our intuitive, straightforward benefit selection process, and the huge rewards to be enjoyed.