Enrich the employee experience

happypeople gives your employees a benefits experience that reflects how they live, in keeping with the digital age. It provides instant access to a host of relevant, exciting perks. Employees enjoy a completely personalised view of their benefit choices and how much they are worth.

They can customise their selections with a few simple strokes. With happypeople, opting into a benefit or changing cover level is as simple as ordering from an online retailer.

What better way to bring the benefits experience to life?

Kim Allen

HR Manager

Our staff are very important to us; we recognised that we needed to do more to show our commitment to them. Working with PES has achieved all this and more!

Increase satisfaction, improve engagement

An exciting, easy-to-use system coupled with great benefits drives employee satisfaction. Most of our clients see registration numbers way above the industry average.

You work hard to attract people to your organisation. By introducing a digital employee benefits solution that looks good and makes life easier for your employees, you’ll keep them engaged from day one.

What’s included with our employee benefits solution?

happypeople delivers everything you would expect from an online employee benefits solution. So much more than just shopping perks! happypeople is a fully-serviced employee benefits platform.

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