Feel you can make a contribution?

PES is a great place to work. We provide lots of wellbeing initiatives for our own staff, an amazing package of employee benefits and top notch HR. When it comes to happy people, happy business, we practise what we preach.

Feel you can make a contribution? Then please get in touch. Send an email and your CV to Jax, telling us why you’re interested in us and why you think you’d fit in: jackie.smith@wearepes.co.uk.

Our Values

How do we do things here at PES? Find out what makes us tick by taking a look at our values.
Do the right thing We are empathetic with a professional approach and we do the right thing with determination, integrity and respect.
Fun approach
happy people
We have fun at work and with our clients. Our ethos is that happy people make for a happy business.
Working together We work with our clients as part of their team. We are thorough and determined in all that we do.
Refreshingly different We are refreshingly helpful and we challenge the norm as well as inspiring and innovating.