The power of pets: an upside to home working…

One of the upsides to working from home during the COVID-19 crisis (apart from getting a sneak ‘through-the-keyhole’ peek at everyone’s house) is that we can see more of our pets. And so can our colleagues, much to their delight!

So let’s not apologise for the pooch/parrot/pony, let’s welcome our pets into the world of work. Here’s how the new members of the PES crew have been livening up our week so far.

Some of them are still learning the meaning of personal space and workstations

Dec, assistant to our Customer Relationship Manager at PES, taking meeting notes. And Minty, assistant to our Graphic Designer, getting tangled in the mouse.

Others are taking workplace wellbeing very seriously

Finn taking our Finance Director at PES on a walking meeting. And Bea, assistant to our Head of Workplace Happiness, giving a morning yoga lesson.

Knowing when to take a break is important

Alfie, a member of our Accounts Department, taking a well deserved rest. Jim and Seb, assistants to our Employee Benefit Broadcaster, having a gossip over a cuppa.

A few of our new colleagues didn’t make it out of bed for their morning meetings

Polly, assistant to our Health and Group Risk Co‑Ordinator; Harley, assistant to our Head of HR; and Maggie, assistant to our HR Partner at PES.

Some are happy to be working with us, others not so much

Barney, member of the ‘getting things done’ team, would rather not face the day. Scully and Rocco, assistants to our Client Relationship Manager, are ready to work…

…while Pepe in marketing is taking self-isolation seriously.

Need help during the crisis?

Like many businesses, PES is working hard to find a way through this very challenging time. We want to help you and share what we know is working. If we can help with your workplace wellbeing, employee benefits or HR needs, please get in touch.