3 options to consider before redundancy

What a wild time to be in HR. No one has time for preamble at the moment, so let’s get straight to it! Here are our 3 options to consider before deciding on making compulsory redundancies.

1.    Review salary and hours

It may actually be more convenient for some of your people to take hours and therefore salary cuts – you don’t know unless you ask how many may volunteer to do so.

2.    Look at the option of employees buying extra holidays

Companies often offer employees a proportionate reduction in salary if they agree to “buy” extra holiday.

3.    Voluntary sabbaticals and secondments

Consider whether employees may be interested in taking voluntary sabbaticals, either unpaid, or paid at a greatly reduced rate of pay.

Above all, communicate. Speak to your employees about what you may need to do; whilst they may not favour the idea of a salary reduction they may have other ideas that reduce the need to make compulsory redundancies.

Why take our advice?

We’re helping hundreds of HR people and business owners to handle the ongoing crisis. We literally do this day in day out, pandemic or not!

Redundancy doesn’t have to be bitter, it can be a supported decision. We’re here to ensure you follow a fair and legally compliant process and we can also support your outgoing employees with workshops to help them find a new job role (so support with CV writing, job searching and coming to terms with the emotional aspects of job loss).

If you’d like a free chat about redundancy, furlough or any other HR matters, Lisa has opened up her diary – there’s no obligation or sales pitch, just valuable, expert advice.

Lisa Trent is our HR guru

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