Why choose PES?

We don’t see wellbeing as a business opportunity – we see it as a way of life. Like charity, it begins at home – which is why PES has reappraised its own organisational values and introduced a raft of measures to keep employees smiling and productive. We can do the same for you.

Wellbeing crosses business disciplines. PES is unique in being able to offer expertise in HR, employee benefits and wellbeing, providing a truly holistic approach.

Our recommendations aren’t based on hearsay. We rely on a solid theoretical foundations and hard evidence. Our internal expert has a masters degree in workplace wellbeing – so we know what works, and why.

Wellbeing and employee benefits

Employee benefits contribute to staff satisfaction, especially when they include lifestyle activities like discounted cinema tickets, eating out and online shopping. Many improve health and offer wellbeing ‘add-ons’ as well – for example, a health insurance package that includes reduced prices for spa days. Our benefits expertise means we can recommend affordable products that your staff will really appreciate.

We have the technology with our online benefits solution to give employees a great experience. Our platform is easy to use, and keeps communication simple, effective and engaging – much more fun than filling out forms!

Wellbeing and HR

Some wellbeing measures may affect your culture, processes and policies, the way line managers work, or simply the way you communicate with staff. Internal change can make a huge difference to how people feel about working for you.

Our in-house HR experts have a wealth of experience to support you through any organisational changes to increase wellbeing, big or small.

Great third party deals

We can generate savings for you from third party providers, including exercise and fitness classes, health screening, yoga and wellbeing talks and more. We’re also regulated to broker great health and insurance policy deals.

A wellbeing partner for your business

And because we specialise in supporting businesses that don’t fall into the ‘large corporate’ category, it doesn’t matter whether you have a few dozen employees or a few thousand – we’ll act as your wellbeing partner, tailoring our advice and support to fit.