Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing sounds like a great idea for big organisations with the budget to employ occupational health professionals. If you run a smaller enterprise, where do you start?

Wellbeing needn’t be too ‘fluffy’ or expensive for your business. If you don’t fancy meditation Mondays or fat-free Fridays, you can still give your employees more energy, mental agility and positivity with just a few creative ideas.

It may be that simple – or there may be more to do. The key thing is to find out. At PES, we help businesses of all sizes improve workplace wellbeing in a way that works for them. Our approach is to look at where you are now and deliver a meaningful workplace wellbeing solution that gets you to where you want to be.

Here are a few pointers.

  • Think about how workplace wellbeing will support your business strategy.
  • Consider your sector, size and employee demographic – every organisation is different.
  • Ask your employees what they want.
  • Don’t limit your ideas to ‘bolt-on’ interventions like team sports or yoga sessions (although that might be all you need).
  • But don’t assume it has to be complex or costly.
  • Make sure your workplace wellbeing interventions are measurable.

Why workplace wellbeing matters

‘Good health is good business’ according to Dame Carol Black, author of the ground-breaking report into workplace wellbeing, ‘Working for a healthier tomorrow’.

We agree. Happy employees contribute to business growth in so many ways. Productivity, energy, ideas, creative solutions – on a grander scale this means a burgeoning economy, which is great for us all.

Think of work as a source of wellbeing. It’s a huge part of many people’s lives and we’re working longer than ever before. If your employees aren’t happy, work can be a life sentence. If they are, their quality of life improves dramatically – which can only be good for your business.

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