Our solution

What do you want from an online benefits solution?

The clue is in the description. It has to be easy for employees to make flexible choices about the kind of benefits they want. They need to be able to choose them whenever they like. And it has to sit on an online platform that looks great and is simple to use.

Welcome to happypeople.

Everything you need from one reliable source

We provide everything to implement the platform of your choice – whether that’s happypeople, happypeopleplus or a fully bespoke solution.

Because we specialise in supporting SMEs and small corporates, we understand the issues they face. And we know how to resolve them at an affordable price.

At PES, we have the in-house expertise to:

  • Review your benefits
  • Source products, including pensions and healthcare products
  • Customise happypeople or happypeopleplus with your choices and your logo (or create a unique, bespoke interface for your business)
  • Deliver outstanding communications to your employees so they are fully engaged
  • Simplify your administration with timely, accessible and meaningful management reports
  • Work with you to ensure your benefit choices are regularly reviewed

What’s in it for your employees

Your employees will enjoy:

  • At-a-glance views of the value of their benefits
  • Multiple options to choose from quickly and easily
  • A fun, easy-to-use interface
  • Helpful, integrated and memorable communications to help them make the most of their benefit choices
  • A dedicated helpdesk with friendly, immediate support

What will you get by choosing PES as your online benefits partner? The clue is in the name.

Happy people.